W Mathieu Mimms‑Boyce

I am a Software and Web Developer based in Wilmington, Delaware.

I've worked for a few companies in the Wilmington area and I've created several personal projects that you can find below! If you're interested in commissioning your own website, or questions about my work, send an email at the address below!

Professional Experience

IT Admin, Webmaster

(Mar 2021 - Present)

After creating their website, I was brought on to RFP to oversee new software and maintaining existing software. My duties involve creating proprietary software, automating reports, selecting cloud storage services, digitizing documents for a paperless office, streamlining CRM flows and integrations, eSignature services, training, setting up online payroll, troubleshooting, installing software, and general IT Needs.

Web Development Contractor

(Dec 2020 - Mar 2021)

I was contracted to create the website for a financial planning firm in Wilmington, Delaware. Using NextJS, next-seo, and bootstrap, I was able to make an eye-catching website to show off the business. RFP uses zapier for workflow management, and I used its webhooks functionality to have the contact form integrate with their CRM prospects.

Software Developer Intern

(Jun 2018 - Aug 2018)

At GeoSwap, I developed a python utility that deployed multiple targeted advertisements on Facebook's Audience Network in an instant.

Additionally, I created a GUI for the utility (using Tkinter) for those at the company not familiar with the command line.

I created a wiki for the codebase so that the entire project would be sufficiently documented for future programmers. I also wrote all unit and integration tests for the tool.

Personal Projects

I've always been a big fan of movies, and I like sharing what I like about them. Someone shared this image with me, and I thought it would be a fun thing to fill out-- so I made a cool way to share responses to the challenge!

Using TMDb's API I populate a typeahead using data from the movies the user searches. With that same API I serve the link to the entry in their database about the film, as well a showing its poster and related response when the user completes the questionnaire!

I used React as the frontend framework, with Bootstrap for styling. The frontend is hosted on Netlify. I used Express and MongoDB for the backend, hosted on Heroku.

This app presents information about each Pokémon provided by PokéAPI.

You can enter the name of any Pokémon into the search bar at the top of the page to navigate to your hearts content! If you can't remember the name of a Pokémon, that's ok too, because the autocomplete will assist you greatly.

The app will remember where you left off too, as it keeps track of the Pokémon you were viewing when your last session ended, as well as what you had entered in the search box.

Jun 2020

CVCLip is a Python command line utility that streamlines writing cover letters.

This solves the issue that arises in tailoring cover letters in which you may forget to enter the correct name of the company and position you are applying to!

The utility uses a pre-written cover letter by the user with placeholders to tailor the cover letter towards different companies. All the user needs to provide is the text file with placeholders, and the title of the position and company.

This React based app tells the user the weather in a whatever city they enter into the search field. It also shows them a gif related to the weather conditions.

It uses the API's of both Open Weather Map and Giphy to fetch the data.

Whether you prefer to receive your weather information in Farenheit or Celsius, this app has got you covered

ToDo is a responsive app designed to keep track of your tasks. Using the app, the user creates sticky notes containing the name, description, and due date of their tasks.

The app can sort the notes by priority, and whether or not the tasks have been accomplished already. Additionally, the user can create multiple "project boards" to keep their notes sectioned with other relevant notes. Using local storage, the app keeps your entries saved for next time you use it.

Lastly, using responsive design, ToDo is styled for tablet, phone, and desktop use.

A browser version of the ultimate competitive game, Tic-Tac-Toe.

Grab a friend and play head-to-head and the two of you can finally settle which one of you is the most fierce competitor.

Calculate to your heart's desire and rid yourself of the labor of handwriting the solution to those pesky equations with Calculator!

Check it out today and type in numbers, throw in some operators, and calculate the result! Just be careful not to divide anything by 0. I've heard that computers do not take too kindly to that sort of thing..

Utilize your artistic capabilities to illustrate grand designs with Etch-A-Sketch!

This app utilizes the mouse's coordinates, so it is best used on desktop. Hovering over a square colors it in, and if you are inclinded you can clear the grid and resize it.

Nov 2018 - Dec 2018

Estuary Escapade is an educational game made for display at DNREC's offices. Its purpose is to teach children on field trips about the tasks of an Estuary Researcher and the fish researched in the Delaware Bay.

I worked on Estuary Escapade with 4 other team members. Regular meetings were held to establish each team member's tasks for each sprint of the project. We created Alpha, Beta, and Final presentations throughout development to show to the client. I handled much of the JavaDoc documentation, and work on the game's logic.

Apr 2017

Grenzy is a game in which the player takes the role of a fish that eats smaller fish. The player must avoid being eaten by larger fish. The more fish the player eats, the greater their score.

Grenzy was developed with the MVC development principle in mind. I collaborated with another team member to design the game. I programmed the random generation of fish, as well as the method of which the powerups and fish in the game move.